Starless Vagabonds

Starless Vagabonds is a roleplaying game where you will be making hundreds of decisions, guiding your character through the dangerous world, changing it with your character’s actions.

About Us

About the game

Starless Vagabonds is a text-based roleplaying game where you take control of the space-faring character, who is searching for a new home and an honest work, but is woken up from cryo-sleep, only to be caught in a mutiny, and is forced to explore ominous void called The Graveyard. You will have to forge bonds with others, stranded like you at the edge of our galaxy, to plan and execute the revenge on a tyrannical captain, who holds sway over thousands of wronged people.


Who do you want to be?

In this text-based adventure, almost interactive novel, you will develop your character, advancing skills and talents, choosing unique perks for your style of play.

World of Starless Vagabonds

Space stations, ships, planetoids, and asteroids are now their new homes, and form space collectively known as The Verge, but its borders keep shifting all the time, as people move even further than that.

Game characters

Who are you going to side with? Will you run with cunning scavengers, or tough mercenaries?


Explorers from Earth, seekers from Federation Settlements, representatives of Corporate Worlds, or exiles of different sorts, all search for a new place where they can live in the deep void of space.